Safety Culture

A Comprehensive Construction Company Safety Policy Equals Reduced Risk for All

Safety is the top priority for DXI, since it affects employees, clients, partners and even the general public. Our commitment to safety has provided an unparalleled safe work environment for our employees, which has resulted in industry-low reportable incidents, making our work efficient, low-risk and cost effective.

A Culture of Safety
Safety permeates DXI’s culture. Safety training begins on day one and before any work tasks are attempted, and it never stops. Our ongoing training includes 48 separate training and safety classes and/or certificates. DXI’s 300+ employees hold more than 2,200 certifications.

Our construction safety policies start at the top and encompass all levels of management, including Senior Management, Project Managers, Superintendents, Foremen and all other employees.

Proper Training Reduces Incidents
A key component of heavy equipment safety is not just training our employees on the safe operation of all equipment, but it is also constantly re-training and highlighting safety throughout the year.

The technical capabilities we have gained through our use of advanced technology also help make us safer. These include:

Having a solid construction safety culture has made DXI Construction one of the safest places to work in our industry. Our continuous commitment to safety reduces risk and liability for our employees as well as our clients.