DXI Holds the Construction Certifications Necessary to Get the Job Done

How can you be sure that you’re hiring a reliable, quality construction company? First step: check their construction certifications and qualifications. DXI Construction holds licenses and certifications with the required agencies and trades in the cities, counties and states in our geographical reach.

A Prequalified Contractor Saves Time and Mitigates Risk
Hiring a company that has not completed the required certifications and qualifications to provide the work you need done can be a costly mistake. DXI Construction already holds the licenses and certifications needed for the services we offer in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. We also have numerous city- and county-specific qualifications in place. DXI has qualifications in place to start work immediately for municipal, federal, and military including USACE, DOD, high-security and hazardous site projects.

Our many qualifications demonstrate that we have been vetted by third-party agencies, proving both our professionalism and experience. Our repeat and valued customers are a testament to our commitment to perform competitive and quality work.

Areas of Prequalification
DXI Construction is prequalified for the following services in our geographic area: