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Soil stabilization can save time and money on your construction projects, but it’s not a process that’s always utilized to full advantage. Often, contractors default to more traditional methods to prepare a site, hauling off soil and importing costly premium products.

At DXI Construction, we are always looking for new ways to streamline projects and provide added value to our customers. Our soil stabilization processes were developed as a value engineering technique on past projects, and now we put them to work for many clients.

Instead of undercutting, hauling or importing, we use techniques that modify wet and unstable soils to achieve optimum levels of performance. This keeps earthmoving operations moving at a steady pace and saves money.

DXI Construction are Soil Stabilization Contractors in Maryland that Specialize in Cost-Effective Soil Cement Stabilization Techniques.

Innovative and Cost-Effective Soil Stabilization Techniques

Our soil stabilization process follows these steps:

  • Working with the geotechnical engineer, DXI assesses the soil and determines the proper soil amendment product to apply.
  • We deliver and pump the amendment product into our application equipment pneumatically.
  • After determining the application rate, we use a blending machine to blend the soils anywhere from 12 to 18 inches deep.
  • Once blended, the stabilization agent reacts with the soil, altering the composition of the soil to enhance performance.
  • After the stabilization agent reacts with the soil, we proceed with rolling and compacting the subgrade.

Soil stabilization processes save our customers time and are often significantly more cost-effective than alternatives. DXI Construction has the proven experience and success to provide soil stabilization services for your project.

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