George Mason University Utility Distribution System


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Project Details

Client The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Project Dates September 2018 – present (projected completion in 2021)
Location Fairfax, VA
Engineer RMF Engineering
Project Type Education & Healthcare

Project Summary

George Mason University tasked DXI with replacing the University’s underground Chilled Water Piping, including excavation, removal of some of the existing transite piping, installation of the new chilled water lines, backfilling and final grading of areas. The University has broken down this project into eight separate phased areas of construction, each with a specific time period when work can be ongoing in these areas based on the academic calendar and events hosted by the University.

There are over 9,000 linear feet of trench to excavate through a multitude of existing utilities, in which 18,000 linear feet of steel Chilled Water Lines that vary in size from 6” to 30” in diameter will be installed.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project is dealing with the multitude of existing utilities on the campus, many of which are unknown by the University and at times require hydro excavation in order to locate and expose.

Another daily challenge is working on a campus with over 34,000 students. This impacts all aspects of our job, including everything from noise restrictions, deliveries, material handling and even parking for our craft. To overcome this challenge, DXI has had multiple crews working at night to take advantage of fewer pedestrians walking around the campus, as well as less traffic on the university's streets.

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