Solar & Energy

We Understand the Growing Value and Importance of Solar and Other Energy Construction Projects

Solar energy is growing in importance, popularity and affordability. We have managed full-scale solar energy construction projects. As a relatively new technology, you want to be sure your contractor has experience in solar construction projects. DXI has a background in all types of energy construction projects, and we have the experience to complete your solar projects successfully.

As we see more and more communities and businesses understand the value in sustainable energy, solar and energy construction projects will continue to grow. DXI sees this as an opportunity for our industry, and solar energy construction aligns with our focus on constant innovation.

Solar and other types of energy projects involve:

  • Collaborative understanding of sequence means and methods for linear multipass construction
  • Planning, maintaining and finishing access roads at appropriate project stages
  • Sensitivity to operating in a confined geographical area while protecting the finished products

Using DXI’s Strengths to Deliver Successful Solar Energy Construction Projects

The key to success with any construction project is final delivery and energy projects are no different. Thanks to our background in planning and project management plus our emphasis on innovation, DXI delivers on the promises we make to our clients.

Reach out to our team to talk to one of our experts about past solar construction projects we’ve completed as well as how we can make the difference for your next project. Contact us today!

Geographic Reach

With several offices located in the Mid-Atlantic area, DXI Construction has extensive reach across the region. We’re hard at work throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia.

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