Pre-Construction Services Coordinated by Experts in Developing New Strategies to Solve Old Problems

The value of pre-construction services should not be underestimated, and you should choose a construction company who can deliver more than just a plan. At DXI Construction, our team of experts has the experience and technology to navigate the entire pre-construction process for you and deliver creative solutions. Many clients have benefited greatly by partnering with us at project inception and avoided costly pitfalls.

Our turnkey pre-construction package gives you access to numerous experts who take your project from conception to final design. We have over 35 project managers, estimators and superintendents who have many years of experience coming up with new ways to solve old challenges. DXI will walk through the process with you from a budgeting and scheduling perspective, utilizing the newest and most sophisticated software to make it even easier on you.

Construction Project Planning Solutions with Unique Results

Throughout the entire process, our construction project coordination efforts are aimed at meeting your requirements in order to produce a quality project that meets your budget and deadline.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Budget preparation/cost estimates
  • Constructability review
  • Value engineering concepts
  • Material selection options
  • Scheduling models
  • Earthwork balance calculations, concepts and models
  • Site investigation and test pits

Instead of working with multiple companies at once, we handle construction project coordination on our own and in house, as this streamlines the entire process and is more efficient. Plus, it allows our experts to understand a project holistically and to develop creative solutions that many would overlook. This value engineering has saved clients millions of dollars, and we are committed to identifying these savings opportunities through collaboration with our clients.

Other DXI Capabilities

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