Equipment & Technology

DXI’s Advanced Construction Technology and Modern Equipment Provides Added Value to Our Clients

DXI Construction maintains a large, modern fleet of equipment. We carefully evaluate and implement the latest construction technologies and equipment, constantly adding to our fleet in order to provide the highest quality service. DXI Construction demonstrates our commitment to this goal with more than 500 units and counting.

Putting Technology to Work for You
All of our equipment is GPS-equipped, allowing state-of-the-art management of our job sites. This ties into CAD and 3D modeling, as computer-generated 3D models created at the beginning of a project help predict accurate material estimates. Then, our GPS-equipped machines are guided in the field by those 3D models to ensure the final product meets or exceeds expectations.

Throughout the life of a project, computer software is utilized so clients receive accurate project estimates and progress reports. All of this advanced construction technology works together to accelerate production, minimize costs and keep our projects on track.

A Sizeable Fleet Ensures Efficiency
DXI Construction continually adds new equipment to our fleet to ensure technology is up-to-date and to have the fleet depth needed to deliver on our commitments. We rotate equipment usage so we can perform maintenance as needed and keep everything in top condition.

Our capacity is larger than many of our competitors, thanks in part to our multiple 100-ton mining haul trucks. DXI’s hauling speed is exceptional, so we are able to deliver projects more reliably than others. Newer, well-maintained equipment is safer, so we avoid incidents. Also, we have minimal equipment downtime for repairs.