Landfill & Environmental

A Landfill Construction Company that Takes Care of Every Detail

Landfill construction requires a contractor with experience and attention to detail. DXI can help guide our clients through the complexities of modern landfill construction. You can trust that DXI has the knowledge and experience when it comes to landfill and environmental construction.

Our landfill construction contractors capably handle any size landfill project from mass earthmoving to large-scale material processing to environmental capping. Our success relies on our planning and project management capabilities, and DXI project managers spend countless hours creating detailed schedules and reviewing critical project data with clients, superintendents and foremen for quality project delivery.


Understanding Both Sides of Landfill Construction

DXI knows that maintaining existing landfill operations is integral to the landfill construction project’s success. We understand the complexities involved in creating and running a modern waste disposal facility, and our approach to these projects takes all of this into consideration. Protecting the natural resources surrounding these sites requires a highly engineered structure that includes:

  • Liner system
  • Leachate-collection system
  • Daily protective cover
  • Gas-recovery system
  • Final capping

From the bid opening, our landfill construction team develops the work plan for the entire project, emphasizing open and thorough communication throughout. DXI handles all facets of the project, coordinating and minimizing conflicts with all involved.

Geographic Reach

With several offices located in the Mid-Atlantic area, DXI Construction has extensive reach across the region. We’re hard at work throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia.

Let’s get to work

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